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Tips to save the day when you run out of make-up products

It is every woman’s nightmare to run out of their favourite makeup product. In the current situation, you cannot even step out and buy the product from your nearest store. Even though we are at home, we still need our basic makeup products to help us get through the virtual work meetings. For such desperate times, you can easily find a fix right there in your make up box. Here is a list of other essential beauty products you can use if you run out of certain makeup products.

When you run out of foundation

It is easy to find a replacement for your favourite foundation. Simply mix concealer with a little bit of moisturiser and apply. You will be surprised with the natural, dewy look this leaves you with. Even though concealer does not give the same level of coverage than foundation, it covers the little blemishes on your face and leaves your face with an even skin tone.

When you run out of blush

When you run out of your favourite blush, simply take a sponge and apply some of your lipstick on your cheek. You can also take a bronzer or a light pink eyeshadow to give yourself the perfect natural flushed cheeks.

When you run out of eyeliner

An eyeliner is a staple in every woman’s makeup box and running out of it can sometimes be a major problem. However, the simplest thing you can do is use your liner brush and your mascara as your eyeliner. You can also heat your kohl pencil just a bit and apply it to give yourself the perfect winged liner.

When you run out of mascara

The perfect substitute for your mascara is a gel eyeliner. Take your wand and apply gel liner on it. However, you need to make sure that your eyeliner is not too sticky. As a last resort, you can also go for false eyelashes to give yourself the perfect look.

When you run out of concealer

It is a nightmare when you run out of concealer and you have dark circles that you need to hide. Just apply a bit of red or orange lipstick and cover it with powder or foundation. Just ensure that you do not apply too much of the lipstick. Also, try not to use a matte lipstick as it is difficult to blend.