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5 ways to keep your relationships exciting during the lockdown

Relationships can be very tricky. As beautiful and fun it may seem in the beginning, the excitement dies down with time. This is not because one falls out of love, but because life takes a U-turn and goes back to being normal and ordinary. As difficult as the current situation may seem, you can always get your romantic life back on track and make it more exciting and adventurous with some extra effort and a little patience. Here are some of the ways you can keep your relationships exciting and fun during the lockdown.

Look for ways to surprise each other
Surprising your partner or being spontaneous in expressing your love is one of the best ways to enliven your relationships. With time, you and your partner get so entangled with your busy schedules that you forget the wonders of being in a relationship. However, with sudden surprises or spontaneous plans, you can always amp up your love life and relive the exciting days again

Experiment with new things
Amidst all the monotony, it is always exciting to engage in something new. If you feel your life’s gone down the boring lane, it is time you experiment with new things in life. It can be something that you both have never tried or you can plan something that is totally new for your partner. If you succeed in it, then it’s great. If you don’t, well, you can always laugh it off together and make the most out of the memories you create.

Keep everything aside when you’re together, even your phones
In this digital age, we have so many distractions. We constantly question our relationship when it gets boring but never try and sort it out. So, if you’re really into making your relationship more exciting, you should definitely focus more on each other, understand one another, rather than looking up other people’s photographs on your phone and complaining about how your love life sucks.

Make plans together
What can be more fun than planning trips, treks and dates together. It is the one thing that will heighten your love for one another and increase the level of excitement missing in your relationship. May be you can organize a beautiful date in your home and make it a regular thing or you can simply plan a trip to somewhere exciting. Doing things together will make you and your partner value each other more and make memories that will last for a lifetime. And after the lockdown is over you can execute your plans accordingly.

Keep your flirting game on
Before a romantic relationship starts, a lot of flirting and teasing happens between two couples. However, with time, it dies down and the excitement fades away. To bring back the excitement and fun into your relationship, you must make your flirting game strong. You can either engage in teasing text messages or call and compliment one another regularly. This will surely bring back the spice in your life and make it more exhilarating.