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How to start a conversation with someone you’ve matched with

You’ve got a match! Most millenials are all too familiar with these words, as online dating portals are the new hotspots to find your special one. However, as quick as the process of finding an online date is, striking a healthy conversation with them is another matter entirely. Here are a few tips to get you started!

Start slow
In the initial phase, stick to basic pleasantries. Of course, avoid the “how are you” cliché, but wait for the ice to break naturally, rather than rushing through it. A good conversation starter for the early days is to talk about common likes, dislikes, and food choices. This will not only help you know each other better, but will also gauge your compatibility levels.

Bring in some humor
Humor is a great ice breaker and can serve as a perfect conversation starter for those awkward first few chats. Depending on your date’s interests, you could forward them funny memes, twitter threads, etcetera – which could lead to another round of fun banter. Just make sure to keep your humor in the fun zone, without becoming offensive or insensitive.

Avoid sharing too much personal information
For all it’s usefulness, the Internet can be an equally vulnerable place – online chatting can expose you to the Internet’s most dark side, so tread carefully. Don’t treat every date as a potential psychopath, but there is no harm in being a little discreet. Revealing personal information such as where you live, stay, or work is a strict no-no, at least for the first few weeks.

Talk about your dreams and ambitions
Slam book conversations such as your favorite color are best suited for middle schoolers. If you are looking for a meaningful relationship online, it’s important to talk about each other’s dreams, ambitions, fears, and insecurities – this might not be an easy topic to discuss for most people, so work on building a comfort level first.

Refrain from judging
Perhaps your date has political views vastly different from yours, or their line of work is not something you can envisage doing. Try to refrain from judging a person too early on. The beauty of any relationship lies in agreeing to disagree, instead of shutting down a person who has a strong voice different from yours. Be patient and hear them out before taking a decision.

Don’t rush into meeting
So, you have been texting each other and can’t wait to meet! As great as that might sound, rushing to meet someone you barely know is not only potentially unsafe, but can also result in an extremely awkward first date! It is a good idea to e-connect with someone on a deeper level before you cross the bridge. If you are too enthusiastic, a Skype date might be a good start!

Pro tip: When you do decide to meet, choose a spot that is neither too secluded nor overtly crowded – this will help you tide over your nervousness and will also be a safe bet.

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